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Bloody Point Remedy Bloody Mary 32 oz.

Bloody Point Remedy Bloody Mary 32 oz.


This product just makes sense and the flavor profile is simply unbeatable.  It is the third unique Bloody Mary in our product line and further supports the idea behind Bloody Point Mixing Co.  We offer more an experience than just a Bloody Mary and this recipe shows the uniqueness and creativity of our company.  In all events we present at, The Remedy is catching fire at a very rapid pace.  Not only is it unique, the taste reinforces its’ brilliance.   


This is the same recipe as The Original except for the addition of caffeine and Vitamin B12.  The B12 interacts with the tomato juice in the perfect way in that it yields a softer finish and allows the horseradish to prevail.  The ideal cocktail for the mornings due to the smooth and clean taste.


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