Being Unique is the Bloody Point

“This is genius! It makes total sense. It tastes so fresh and has a fantastic flavor.” – Ashley Stone – Indianapolis, IN


Brilliance in a bottle


The perfect morning cocktail containing caffeine and Vitamin B12. The B12 interacts with the tomato juice perfectly yielding a softer finish and allowing the horseradish to prevail. This lighter finish makes this the perfect cocktail for those early mornings and helps prepare you for the daily battle. Each 4 oz. serving contains 25 mg of caffeine and 3 mcg of B-12 (2.4 is the recommended daily intake for adults).

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I mentioned I had fun creating the Coastal Mary well this one was right up there with it. Bloody Marys are traditionally drank in the mornings as well as coffee especially after having a little too much to drink the night before. The health benefits of Vitamin B-12 are endless. To me, it just made sense to put them all together to make a memorable Bloody Mary. The flavor profile on this particular mix is the lightest out of all of our products and was done so for a reason. By light I mean it is not as robust as the other mixes. Some people do not want to drink something that is so “in your face” in the mornings, so I created this particular one to be very light and smooth with more of a sweet horseradish taste. Each 4 oz. serving of the Remedy contains 25 mg of caffeine and 3 mg of B-12 (2.4 is the recommended daily intake for adults).


Bloody Marys are made to be consumed somewhat quickly, so we recommend using a shorter glass. This particular blend is the one that can be consumed in a larger glass because it is so light and refreshing. With this memorable flavor profile, we put lighter garnishment with it such as celery, pickled okra, and lemon. You can even sneak some type of white cheese cubes such as Swiss or provolone.


Bloody Point Bloody Marys are all natural, premium, mixes created for the consumer who desires quality and depth over unoriginality and simplicity. Bloody Point's award-winning Bloody Marys require no “doctoring up” to create an unforgettable flavor. Open the bottle, mix with your favorite spirit, and enjoy a profile that will leave you yearning for more.

Bloody Point Mixing Co. went a step further than the competition when developing Bloody Point Original Bloody Mary. It was also created to double as a marinade base. The layers of this product are so complex, it works great for steaks, chicken, seafood, and soups. Bloody Point Bloody Mary is cutting edge, not only was it created to be used in the kitchen, it is all natural, gluten free, no added MSG, and no artificial preservatives. Next time you go to the store and purchase a bottle bloody mary mix, check out the ingredients, it may come as a surprise.

Here at Bloody Point Mixing Co., we have produced unparalleled products that have beat all the major products on the shelves by an average of 7 to 1 in blind taste tests. We have a product line that is the most versatile and creative products on the market. We are Bloody Point Mixing Co. However, don’t take our word for it. Taste the layers for yourself…


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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

6 reviews


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Michael R.
United States United States
Most flavorful mix!

Love the blend of spices. Great product!

Robin P.
United States United States
Bloody Point is bloody good!!

My husband tried this when we were in Hilton Head last year, and now won’t drink any other’s that good!!! Wish we could buy it here in Texas!

United States United States
Bold and spicy flavor

I really like it, very distinctive flavor not (hot pepper) spicy.

Jason V.
United States
Best bloody Mary's I've ever

Best bloody Mary's I've ever had!

The Perfect Combination!

I walked into a restaurant on vacation and asked the bartender how they made their Bloody Mary. He explained to me that they make a few different ones but one in particular was a bottled mix that contained caffeine and B-12. I was shocked and only one answer came out of my mouth, yes please! I was a little skeptical at first but once I tried it, I was amazed at how good it was. I asked to see the bottle and that’s when I noticed it was all natural and was lower in sodium, I was hooked