Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended to be used within 3 weeks and keep refrigerated. 
Note: The longer it stays opened, the more robust it will get, making it ideal for cooking.

All Bloody Point products are all natural, free of gluten, no added MSG, and contains no
artificial preservatives.

Compared to mixers in the market, Bloody Point products are one of the lowest.
Note: Based on 4 oz. serving size.

Ingredients such as rosemary and fennel make Bloody Point the most flavorful mixers in the

There are 25 mg of caffeine and 3 mcg of B-12 in each 4 oz. serving.
Note: Recommended Daily intake of vitamin B-12 in adults is 2.4 mcg.

It does not. It is the perfect balance adding a crisp and refreshing flavor to the cocktail.

We currently have distribution in South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Ohio. You can find your closest Bloody Point mix on this map

We will accept returns as long as you ship the unused portion back to us.

For all media inquires, please email