Being Unique is the Bloody Point


The Original 32OZ

This elegant, award winning recipe has a flavor profile that is simply unmatchable. Created as both a premium Bloody Mary and a marinade, it has never lost a blind taste test.

Flavor Notes: Rosemary, Fennel, Cayenne

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The Coastal Mary 32OZ


Crisp, refreshing, and created for the Bloody Mary connoisseur. This is a spin of a Bloody Caesar powered with a Shichimi Togarashi spice. Built for the gin and seafood lover.

Flavor Notes: Red chile, Sichuan Pepper, Clam

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The Remedy 32OZ

The name speaks for itself. This recipe is fueled by two special ingredients, Caffeine and Vitamin B-12. It has a softer flavor profile than the Original making it ideal to fight the daily battle.

Flavor Notes: Horseradish, Ginger, Dill

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Bloody Point Evolution

A citrus and spicy spin of the nations most flavorful mix in revolutionary smaller packaging design. The possibilities are endless with Bloody Point Evolution. 

Drunken Tomato Platinum award-winning recipe

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The Ultimate Experience


As we said before, we want to provide you with a true experience, not just another Bloody Mary. This is why we offer this variety pack and is how you will enjoy that experience.

The Experience Contains All Mixes 

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Drink More Veggies - LIMITED EDITION

Bloody Mary Lovers Only!

This is the first of our new line of LIMITED EDITION hashtag shirts.  Only 100 were made and once they are gone, they gone.  One time print only my fellow Bloody Mary connoisseurs! Once these are sold out, a completely new one will emerge.  Each different print will be specially numbered in the back logo so start your collection today.  First come, first serve.    Available in men's and women's.


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Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt

These long sleeve hoodies are great for anytime of the season. Wear them in the summer to fight off the sun or just around the house to lounge in. Lightweight material and wonderfully comfortable. These shirts do shrink slightly so our recommendation is to order one size larger for a looser fit.

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