Being Unique is the Bloody Point

It is crazy the difference between each of these mixers. First of all they taste like they are homemade, second they are just so different and equally amazing.” – Zack – Columbia, SC

The Ultimate Experience

The Bloody Mary Experience

The Ultimate Bloody Mary Experience! You get all 4 of our unique blends and a 24-page recipe book highlighting the cooking aspects of our Bloody Point Evolution at a discounted price.  The journey begins with a hint of rosemary and fennel in the Original.  The slight brininess from the clam dances beautifully with the Sichuan pepper in the Coastal Mary.  The Remedy will give your taste buds a smooth profile with a horseradish finish.  Finally, Bloody Point Evolution will appease those that relish a citrus and spicy profile.

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2 Bottle Minimum. Mix and Match Any Blends


As we said before, we want to provide you with a true experience, not just another Bloody Mary. This is why we offer this variety pack and is how you will enjoy that experience. Whenever we do tastings, demonstrations, and things of that nature, we always do them in a certain order. This is done so the difference in each blend is very noticeable. It’s like a scotch or bourbon tasting. If you taste one by itself it will taste like a good scotch or bourbon, but if you taste 6 different ones, the flavor range is extreme. When tasting Bloody Point mixes, begin with the Original, follow with the Coastal Mary, then the light and refreshing Remedy, and finish with the spicy and citrus flavored Evolution. 


Bloody Point Bloody Marys are all natural, premium, mixes created for the consumer who desires quality and depth over unoriginality and simplicity. Bloody Point's award-winning Bloody Marys require no “doctoring up” to create an unforgettable flavor. Open the bottle, mix with your favorite spirit, and enjoy a profile that will leave you yearning for more.

Bloody Point Mixing Co. went a step further than the competition when developing Bloody Point Original Bloody Mary. It was also created to double as a marinade base. The layers of this product are so complex, it works great for steaks, chicken, seafood, and soups. Bloody Point Bloody Mary is cutting edge, not only was it created to be used in the kitchen, it is all natural, gluten free, no added MSG, and no artificial preservatives. Next time you go to the store and purchase a bottle bloody mary mix, check out the ingredients, it may come as a surprise.

Here at Bloody Point Mixing Co., we have produced unparalleled products that have beat all the major products on the shelves by an average of 7 to 1 in blind taste tests. We have a product line that is the most versatile and creative products on the market. We are Bloody Point Mixing Co. However, don’t take our word for it. Taste the layers for yourself…


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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee